My First Cake Pops

We are currenly hanging out for a bit in Las Vegas with the in-laws and it has been wonderful. Lizzie’s had a rough go with adjusting to the dry climate and possible teething, but she’s having a blast otherwise!

Before we took off on our little road trip, I decided to give the insanely popular cake pops/balls a try. What can I say, they really aren’t that attractive. Man, those little devils are tough to make pretty! I have a whole new respect for Bakerella and all the other cake pop experts that can make these gorgeous little creations. Mine have a LONG way to go.









I had a devil’s food cake mix in the cupboard, so that’s what I used. Then, I whipped up a quick batch of cream cheese frosting using thisrecipe (I didn’t add the cream). I’m not a fan of the store-bought frosting, so I never have any on hand, but if you do, that makes these even easier.

So, what you do is bake the cake mix in a 9×13 pan according to the package directions. After it’s completely cooled, crumble it all up into a big bowl. Then, add about 1/4 cup of the frosting at a time until you can roll the cake mixture up into little balls that keep their shape and don’t crumble to pieces. Place the rolled-up naked cake balls onto a wax paper-lined cookie sheet and freeze them for at least 30 minutes.

Now comes the tricky part. Take the frozen cake balls out of the freezer. Use whatever color(s) of candy coated melts that you like and place them in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the melts 25 seconds at a time until they are easily melted when stirred. Dip the cake balls into the melted melts and completely coat them, moving them around with a fork. Remove the coated cake balls with the fork and place back onto the wax paper. If desired, add a few sprinkles to the top. Do this fast! Since the cake balls are so cold, the coating will harden very quickly. At this point, the cake balls are ready to eat. Or, they can be refrigerated or frozen and eaten whenever you like.

There are so many ways to dress up the cake balls however you’d like. I’m hoping to give it another try someday when my creative juices are flowing more. But, I gave it a try, and you should, too! I love to see how others’ turn out.

They are delicious.